Balavihar for the year 2012-13 will start at Cross Roads South Middle School at 10 a.m. on September 16th.

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We are looking forward for a fun filled year of learning and growing at our balavihar!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Balavihar Week 5- Section 2

We started the class by chanting OM 3 times followed by beginning prayers Sahanaavathu & then we meditated for 2 minutes. Then we did the Guru Stotram upto the 6th verse and concluded with Tvamey va maatha cha verse. 
We sang Radhe Radhe Radhe during Bhajan time.
During chanting time we learnt Bhagvadh Geetha chap 13- verse 1

We reviewed last  weeks lesson -Pariksit Meets Shukadeva 

We learnt the first Avatara of  Lord Vishnu - Matsyaavatara.
Lord Vishnu takes the form of a fish. Please ask your kids to retell the story at home.

During Likhita Japa time we wrote OM and the kids were very creative.

We talked about Navrathri festival. We discussed how this festival is celebrated in different parts of India (i.e. ) Golu, Durga Pooja, Garba/Ras.

Here are some pictures we discussed in class, of the Devis, and an example of a Golu!

We concluded the class with Arathi and Pledge.

Next week we will meet up in Mercer County Park for Cord Walkathon. 
See you all next week. ~Indira Aunty and Sanjana Didi