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Sunday, May 4, 2014

SECTION 1 & 2- ( 05/04/14 BALVIHAR WEEK :21)

Beginning prayers :
  •  Sahanaavavatu
  • Meditation for 5 minutes 
  • Gurustotram 
Gita chanting :
  • Chapter 14 - 1st to 20th verse
Bhajans :
  • Raadhe Raadhe 
  • Dashaavataram Stotram 
Bhagavatam Time :
  • Devas and Asuras
  • Symbolism in churning
 Likhita Japa :
  • Writing ‘Om’ 
Ending prayers and pledge :
  • sarve bhavantu sukhinah
  • puurnamadah purnamidam
  • arati 
  • Pledge
Bhagvatam Time :

Tale : Devas and Asuras

We did the recap of the story we did last week and all the kids were smart enough to give out answers to our questions. Today's story was the continuation of the story we did last week. We were discussing when the Devas got weak they had to seek help from the asuras who were very strong to get the amritam. The Devas accepted all the conditions of the asuras inorder to accomplish the task. So anything can be accomplished by being peaceful and nothing can be gained through anger. The Devas knew that by being patient and polite they are going to be immortal. We discussed the importance of being persistent and polite in life. 

Tale: Symbolism of Churning

The churning of the milky ocean represents churning in our minds of the good and bad thoughts.  There is a constant churning going on in our minds with good and bad thoughts. The milky ocean represents our thoughts in our mind. Churning represents our thoughts going back and forth. And as we churn, bad thoughts, evil ideas, nasty feelings will emerge. At this time we are supposed to pray to the Lord who will remove all the bad thoughts and keep our mind strong. 

Game Time: My Mind Has Gone to Sleep

Upcoming Announcements:

Gita Chanting Competition:
We are really pleased and proud to announce that "Pranav Manikonda" from our third grade has won the first prize for the Gita Chanting Competition. Our congrats and hugs to you Pranav!! And we would like a give a applause to all our third graders who participated and tried their best for the Gita competition. 

Annual Day Program:
For our Annual Day which is on June 22nd our third graders will be singing the "Dashavataaram Stotram". They'll be dressed up as different avataras. We've assigned roles to the kids and they are supposed to come in their respective costumes in the next class for rehearsal.  We've been practicing the song in class but parents please make sure that they practice at home too. 

Cord Walkathon:
Next week we'll be having our annual Cord Walkathon. Parents please make sure that children attend the walkathon as it'll be a regular Bal Vihar class and above all the kids will know how important it is to help the less previleged. The Walkathon begins @ 2:00 @ Mercer County Park. 

Class Picture:
As part of the Ashram opening day celebrations, we have an opportunity to participate in the souvenir that will be unveiled by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji. We'll be taking class pictures on May 18th and for that we're collecting $15. So please make sure that they don't miss the class on 18th and please do dress them in Indian attire for the photo session. We'll also require a consent form for publishing the photographs. Please sign the consent form to have your child included in the class photo. Both the sections together will be combined for the photo shoot. 

Note : Kids are supposed to bring their "My Prayers" book and their Gita Chanting handouts every week for their balavihar classes. They are supposed to bring in a note book and pencil for their likhita japa. For the Gita Chanting please do practice at home too. You can log on to

Deepthy Aunty & Rama Aunty (Section 1)
Indira Aunty & Shrinivas Uncle (Section 2)